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"Panopticon" at the Novy Manege Gallery

Источник: Газета "The Moscow News" | Автор: Philip Marriott | Дата публикации: 21 Окт, 2005

You may think it is a relatively easy thing to use modern computer programs such as Photoshop and others but judging by Andrei Budaev's work at the Novy Manege, it is not something that you can just put your hand to when you feel like it.

What Budaev has done is record his view of Russian politics by taking classic paintings, all in a predominantly realist style with some exceptions, and graft the faces of Russian politicians onto the central or peripheral figures. This may seem like an easy thing but the 'art' comes in his choice of which paintings to use as the backdrop for his works. In some cases the original painting is left fairly intact and it is just the faces that change, in others he has been more inventive and has grafted together something that looks more like the essence of a particular artist than any one particular work. He has not limited himself to the classics of the art world, however; he has also taken from more modern, albeit traditional, sources such as the visual images from Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. In others he has used the particular graphics of the early years of the communist state to change these posters with the addition of some telling detail or face.

On the whole the effect has been successful, at least if we judge by the laughter level from the visitors; it is a rare thing indeed to go to an exhibition and see people laugh out loud. Even the pornographic doodles of the Italian film director Fellini failed to make that mark, but here Budaev has done it. It should also be noted that the exhibition attracted a lot of pensioners and older people as well as the typical sprinkling of twenty/thirtysomethings. This is testament to the fact that the opening night was attended by the TV cameras but also that the subject matter is seen as somehow more relevant or more engaging than a lot of other visual art, at least contemporary visual art. Of course we all love a good cartoon, even better a political one; Budaev has tapped into that love we all have, and particularly that fabled Russian love of the kitchen conversation to poke fun at those largely untouchable ones who presume to rule us. He has shown exactly just where their main interest and hearts lie.

To describe the pictures themselves and who are in them would be to ruin this particular exhibition which relies on the visual shock and delight of recognition. What I will say is that he has taken from some of the very best artists and their work. He has used the work of Rembrandt, Rubens, a whole host of work that tells the story of Christ's crucifixion, and in one very telling work the painting of the execution of Lady Jane Grey from English history currently on show in the National Gallery, London.

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